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Studio Owner, BARRE, POUND, PiYo, Baroga & Buti Yoga Instructor

Cassie founded Cassie has an extensive background in fitness, dance, cheerleading and health. A current Registered Nurse in the state of Massachusetts, Cassie is a former NFL Cheerleader for the NE Patriots. As a Patriots Cheerleader, she was named "Rookie of the Year" and Team Captain. She was also featured in three swimsuit calenders and performed at two consecutive Super Bowls!! In addition, she has been featured on Fox Sports Net, in television commercials, and in the movie "The Game Plan". Prior to that, Cassie was a dancer for the Boston Cannons Major League Lacrosse Team, College Cheerleader, avid competetive dancer and Nutrition major at Framingham State University. Cassie's background in health & fitness has allowed her to create to positively change and influence the lives of other women.


BARRE Instructor

Toni took her first class at when the studio first opened in fall of 2013. After the first class, she absolutely fell in love with it. Toni was a competitive dancer and gymnast for 15 years and finished her first marathon in 2010. She graduated from Framingham State University in 2011 with a degree in business and is pursuing her MBA at SNHU. Having a weekday career in the corporate world, Barre is a place where her passion for health and fitness can be set free. Barre has changed her life both mentally and physically. She believes that with Barre comes a happier and healthier life!


POUND, PiYo, & Buti Yoga Instructor

Tabatha grew up an athlete and a dancer. She is a mother of four and Owner of Salon T. Daigle in Milford. Her love of health and fitness brought her to for her first POUND™ class. Tabatha knew she had to make POUND™ a part of her regimen, and became a certified POUND™ pro through POUND™ pro training. Tabatha enjoys bringing the Pilates meets cardio rock out work out to the lives of others.


BARRE Instructor

Melissa grew up with a passion for health and fitness. She was a competitive dancer for 12 years and was always involved in different fitness activities. She is now enrolled in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and NASM (national academy of sports medicine) furthering her education and passion for nutrition and fitness. She took her first class at one year ago when the studio first opened and fell in love with it. She believes Barre is a great way to change your body and mind, to become a healthier happier version of your already amazing self!


BARRE Instructor

Melinda has always had a passion for fitness, growing up as dancer and cheerleader. That passion followed her to UNH - where she was a member of the cheerleading team and later in her 10 years as a fitness instructor. Currently, Melinda is a mother of two and has a full time corporate career. After taking her first class, her lifelong passion was reignited. She has fallen in love with the escape Barre provides and is energized by the opportunity to help others find their own passion for fitness.


BARRE Instructor

Aitza was born and raised in Puerto Rico, from an early age she had a passion for dance and fitness. Growing up she practiced ballet, jazz, modern and hip hop. She moved to Massachusetts to attend UMASS Amherst where she was also involved in musical theater. She graduated in the year 2000 with a BS in Apparel Marketing. In her professional life she is a Buyer for a top off-price retailer. She has been addicted to since the fall of 2013; it's provided a place of peace, health and focus. She looks forward to sharing the positive, calming energy that Barre provides. Aitza is married to an amazing and caring husband; together they have a beautiful daughter.


POUND & BARRE Instructor

Erica took her first class at in the winter of 2013, where she first started to realize and experience the impact of exercise on the mind and well-being. The variety of classes and the feeling of leaving stronger after each class had her hooked instantly. Throughout her experience at she has become a certified POUND™ pro, a version instructor, and a Buti Yoga instructor. Erica loves the warm environment and amazing energy all of the classes offer and is enthused to share that with others. Erica is currently a Registered Nurse in the state of Massachusetts working at a highly recognized pediatric hospital in the Operating Room.

Tabitha Rose

YOGA Instructor (BAROGA)

Tabitha is a 200hr RYT, certified with Yoga Alliance. Tabitha found her love for Yoga 3 years ago after the birth of her son. Her practice is a way to reconnect to her self and strengthen and support her body. Her passion for Yoga led her to continue her education in functional movement and exercise science. Tabitha's goal is to bring safe, effective movements that help bring joy, integration and stability within the body. She completed her teacher training through Jacqui Bonwell's Sacred Seed Yoga training. Tabitha is trained in TRX, POUND™, and Balanced Athlete.

Amy P

BARRE Instructor

Amy began taking classes at during the summer of 2014 and immediately loved it! She has always had a love for dance; being a competitive dancer for years before attending college at Sacred Heart University, where she was accepted onto a Division 1 dance team. It was there where she also advanced her interest in health and became a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Amy currently lives in Franklin with her husband and young children. She is excited to be a part of the studio and to help inspire people to be healthy!

Kimberly L

BARRE Instructor

Kimberly has had a passion for fitness and dance for as long as she can remember. She spent the majority of her youth dancing, cheerleading, playing sports, and weight lifting. Kimberly is a Registered Nurse; she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Saint Anslem College and a Master of Science in Nursing from Framingham State University. She currently works as nursing director for a major academic medical center in Boston, MA. The past 3 years she has spent a significant amount of time CrossFit training and has competed in several intermediate Rx level competitions. She is proud to say that in 2013 she was a Tough Mudder Finisher! Kimberly took her first class in the winter of 2013 and instantly fell in love. For her, Barre combined the love of a fitness challenge along with promoting a positive inner self. Kimberly believes that Barre has brought her back to her roots.


BARRE Instructor

Melissa took her first barre class in the fall of 2013 and instantly was hooked. After years of trying all types of exercise classes and gyms she never found anything she loved and could stick to until finding Melissa loved the small friendly, community type feel the studio provided and knew this is where she belonged.

Melissa works full time at a doctors office for adolescents and young adults. Melissa is the mother of two beautiful young ladies and showing them what a happy healthy mother looks like is her top priority. Melissa has an interest in overall health and wellness and just learning to be he best version of yourself no matter what your age.

Melissa hopes to help people find something in their lives they love like she did at


POUND Instructor

Courtney fell in love with in the Fall of 2013 just shortly after having her second child. llB provides a place to focus on health and well-being while at the same time keeping fitness fun. She took her first PoundTM class in 2016 and was hooked! PoundTM  is an exciting mix of cardio and strength training that enables individuals to discover their own inner rockstar. Courtney has always loved to mix music with exercise having been a professional figure skater for many years, even skating with Disney On Ice. She currently works in medicine as a physician assistant . 

Amy S

POUND Instructor
Amy started coming to in 2016 to get back in shape after the birth of her son. Little did she know she was finding so much more than just a fitness studio. llB has become a great place of support and encouragement for her. After Amy took her first POUND class she instantly found a passion in herself. She loved the energy in the class and immediately wanted to share her passion for POUND with others so she became certified in early 2017. Amy has a criminology degree from Framingham State University but resigned her full time job to become a stay at home mom after her son was born. When not at the studio she enjoys being outside and staying active with her son and husband.


BARRE Instructor

Holly began taking classes at In 2015 and knew she found the workout she had been looking for.  Growing up as a dancer with a love for fitness she has always aspired to live a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.  Holly is a middle school special education teacher with a Masters Degree from Simmons College.  Being a part of the family has truly inspired her to be the best version of herself, radiate positivity and inspire other women.  Living a busy life Holly finds that BARRE can rebuild the mind, body and soul.


BARRE Instructor

Regis comes to Live Love Barre with a strong dance background, and love for teaching! Regis danced competitively through high school and during college was able to continue her love for dance as a teacher/choreographer for a local dance studio. Regis received her Bachelors in Plastic Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, where she was actively involved as both a member and captain of the UMASS Lowell Dance Team. Regis took her first class back in 2015 and was instantly obsessed with LLB. After two years away, Regis is back to share her love of barre, fitness and a healthy, positive lifestyle.

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POUND Monday 8:15 PM
SUNRISE PiYO Tuesday 5:15 AM
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TONE. SWEAT. & FLOW Tuesday 5:45 PM
BUTI YOGA Tuesday 7:00 PM
BUTI SCULPT Tuesday 8:15 PM
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BUTI YOGA Wednesday 5:45 PM
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Late Night BARRE Thursday 8:15 PM
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l.l.BARRE Saturday 8:45 AM
BUTI YOGA Saturday 10:00 AM
POUND N POUR Saturday 7:00 PM
POUND Sunday 7:30 AM
l.l. BARRE Sunday 8:30 AM
l.l.BARRE Sunday 9:45 AM
BUTI YOGA Sunday 6:30 PM

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